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Parachute hardware

Wichard: a world supplier for the aeronautics industry

Specialist in forging of small steel or stainless steel parts, Wichard is now a global supplier of accessory parts for military and sport parachutes. Wichard provides its customers with a complete standard parts catalog.

Some examples ...

agandir - aeronautic industry, aeronautical industry, parachute industry
Wichard is a member of the Parachute industry Association (PIA)

Some examples of parts for parachute applications

  • Rings
  • D rings with bar
  • Adjusters
  • Snap hooks etc...

Manufacturing on demand

Wichard ensures its development with powerful CAD-softwares and its production tooling by high-speed machining. In some instances, approved sub-contractors handle finishing steps like machining, heat treatment or surface coating. All operations adhere to our customer quality plan.

Some of our references

Aerazur, Paratec, Parachutes de France… rely on Wichard
agandir - aeronautic industry, aeronautical industry, parachute industry

Why choosing a Wichard forged product?

Forging is the only method that guarantees the internal solidity of metal and improves its mechanical characteristics by aligning the material's fibers. The forging process enables optimizing the size and mechanical performances of the parts by reducing their weight and volume. All our products are forged, and carefully controlled and tested according to extremely rigorous procedures to ensure their quality (liquid penetrant and tensile testing). Material and conformity certificates are available on demand.

Contact precision forging

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63307 Thiers Cedex, France

Tél : +33 (0) 4 73 51 65 00
Fax : +33(0) 4 73 80 62 81
E-mail : precision.forging@wichard.com
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Wichard video online

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