Precision forging

Wichard: a recognized partner in the automotive industry

Founded in 1919, Wichard maintains a strong presence in markets with special safety concerns: aeronautics, automotive, marine and medical. Over the past 30 years, Wichard has become a leading partner of the automotive industry, recognized for its know-how in large-scale automatic forging with integrated machining.

Manufacturing on demand

Wichard’s automotive activity focuses on small steel or stainless steel parts hammered automatically from a continuous filament (up to 3000 parts / hour). Client specifications define the finishing operations and the general inspection procedures. Wichard ensures its development with powerful CAD-softwares and its production tooling by high-speed machining. In some instances, approved sub-contractors handle finishing steps like machining, heat treatment or surface coating.

Some examples...

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Some examples of parts:

Cable links and terminations, end pieces, seat attachment parts, small hinges.

Some of our references:

Dura, Wagon Automotive, Edscha, Fico, Kuster, Bruss… rely on us.
agandir - automobile industry in, automotive automobile, automotive industry in

Why choosing a Wichard forged product?

Forging is the only method that guarantees the internal solidity of metal and improves its mechanical characteristics by aligning the material's fibers. The forging process enables optimizing the size and mechanical performances of the parts by reducing their weight and volume. All our parts are carefully controlled and tested throughout the manufacturing process according to extremely rigorous procedures to ensure their quality .

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Wichard S.A.S.
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63307 Thiers Cedex, France

Tél : +33 (0) 4 73 51 65 00
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E-mail : precision.forging@wichard.com
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Wichard video online

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