Precision forging

Wichard: a tradition in cutlery

The cutlery tradition goes back to the Middle Ages in Thiers, the capital of cutlery. It was here that Henri Wichard chose to found his own forging plant in 1919. Since then, the company has diversified into markets with special safety concerns: marine, parachuting, medical, automotive and cutlery. Today it has dedicated a full production line to manufacturing high quality blades .

A comprehensive catalog of standard blades:

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Professional range (complete with round or square bolster)

7 to 30 cm in length
Chef, cooking, office, slicing, etc.

Silversmith range

Table, spreading, dessert, etc.

Customer requests:

Wichard also manufactures blades upon request according to customer specifications for silverware, professional or leisure knives, etc.
agandir - best cutlery, blade serie, chef cutlery, cutlery review, cutlery reviews

Why choosing a Wichard blade?

Forging is the only method to obtain the best quality blades by guaranteeing the internal solidity of the metal and improving its mechanical characteristics by aligning the material's fibers across the entire piece. We obtain a first outline by automatic upsetting in order to save material (Z50CrMoV15 quality stainless steel). Blade, bolster and point are then completely forged in one and the same stamping tool. The result is a homogenous metallurgical structure and a malleable cutting edge to facilitate sharpening. All our products are forged, and carefully controlled and tested according to extremely rigorous procedures to ensure their quality.


Contact precision forging

Wichard S.A.S.
Z.I. de Felet, CS 50085
63307 Thiers Cedex, France

Tél : +33 (0) 4 73 51 65 00
Fax : +33(0) 4 73 80 62 81
E-mail : precision.forging@wichard.com
Wichard video online

Wichard video online

Discover Wichard, its know-how forging and the markets where the company evolves: marine, aeronautics, parachuting,...

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