Forging: our unique know-how

For more than 100 years our main mission has been to provide all our customers with quality products that ensure both safety and optimum performance for their sports and professional activities.

Wichard was founded in 1919 in Thiers by Henri Wichard. The company specialised initially in the manufacture of forged safety parts for industry.

From the simple forged blank to the finished product, we provide global solutions adapted to your needs. By forging small parts from 1g to 1 kg, in medium or large series and using materials such as stainless steel or titanium. Our fields of application are varied: parachuting, aeronautics, medical, automotive, etc.

Choosing a Wichard product means above all choosing a quality product that will ensure safety and performance in all areas of application.

Why choose a Wichard forged product?


Guaranteed reliability


Made in france


Production and quality control


Proven corrosion resistance


Superior mechanical and fatigue strength

Since 1919100 years of history

Founding of the company by Henri Wichard. It specialized in hammer forging – mainly producing scissors, knives and parts for weaving looms. - Development of subcontracting for industrial markets (From 1919 to the 1960s)


Development of the first standard product lines (shackles, carabiners) in the late 1960s


Development of the carabiner range and the famous carabiner ref 2480


Creation of the second production site in the Felet zone in Thiers – Installation of the automatic forging line capable of forging up to 2200 parts per hour - Launch of halyard snap hooks, sail snaps and eye bolts


Development of the titanium forge for producing medical prostheses


International network development


Acquisition of the company by a private shareholder


Opening of the U.S. subsidiary; Wichard inc.


Acquisition of the Maillard company in St Malo (plastic injection) to produce Wichard blocks


Development of a parachuting buckle range


Acquisition of the Wichard company by a group of shareholders and creation of the holding "Accasting" company – External growth


Opening of the Australian subsidiary, Wichard Pacific – a range of Roller blocks


Acquisition of Forginox, a cutlery forge in Thiers.


Installation of a high-speed machining platform for production tooling. ISO 9001 certification


Installation of a new forging press - ISO 13485 certified


ISO 14001 certification


Development of the Wichard Group through external growth


Installation of a 5-axis machining center


EN 9100 certification


Acquisition of Lorima (carbon parts) and Peguet (quick links)


Wichard celebrated its centenary!!


Eco friendly An eco-friendly company

Here at Wichard, we take our duty to protect the environment seriously. This dedication is reflected in our ISO 14001 certification, which we’ve had for many years. So what does this actually involve?

  • Following all the applicable environmental laws, regulations and recommendations,
  • Working constantly to reduce and eliminate pollution,
  • Designing environmentally-friendly, recyclable products,

Reducing the environmental impact of our sites:

  • By reducing our consumption of raw materials and energy,
  • By using clean production processes,
  • By avoiding any emissions into the environment which could pollute our air or waterways,
  • By processing our waste efficiently.
  • Working together with our partners and employees to keep on improving.