Standard products

In the building industry, Wichard products are selected for the many ways they can be adapted, whatever the environment. Their meticulous design and finish also add a real plus to the projects.

Wichard products also find their place in sports equipment. The quality and reliability of our products improve the lifetime of the systems they equip and ensure the safety of the users.

Wichard is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Examples of use:

  • Architecture, textile architecture / tents
  • Building anchoring
  • Protective nets for sports areas
  • Equipment for swimming pools and water parks
  • Incorporation into (approved) sports facilities, playground equipment, etc.

Exemples de produits :

  • Shackles
  • Safety snap hooks, fixed eye snap shackles, carbine hooks
  • One hand sail snap
  • Eye bolts, fixed pad eyes, folding pad eyes, watertight U-bolts, eye nuts, eye straps
  • Plain bearing blocks, ball bearing blocks, stainless steel blocks
  • Rings
  • Quick links: large opening, square, delta, pear

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