Choice of blocks

23 | 03 | 2021

Which block is right for your application: plain bearing, ball bearing or roller block?

Wichard blocks, whether plain bearing, ball bearing, stainless steel or roller, are widely used in industrial applications.

At Wichard, 5 main families of blocks are available. Each range offers specific advantages:

  • Plain bearing blocks: with a sheave rotating on a stainless steel shaft, these are used for static manoeuvres (relatively restricted movement) for high loads
  • Ball bearing blocks: equipped with two rows of Delrin balls. These are ideal for dynamic manoeuvres (wider movement)
  • Roller blocks: by replacing the balls with rollers, these pulleys can also withstand heavy loads during dynamic manoeuvres 
  • Friction blocks (i.e friction rings): without a rotating sheave, these are mainly used for static manoeuvres with heavy loads 
  • Stainless steel blocks: these small blocks are ideal for applications requiring low loads, small space requirements or low unit weight.

Wichard blocks are available with a variety of endings (shackle, clevis, etc.) for easy integration.

The main applications using Wichard blocks:

  • Lifting, handling
  • Textiles, architecture, 
  • Airport equipment
  • Sports facilities, 
  • Protective netting, 
  • Leisure parks, 
  • Entertainment, events
  • Construction
  • Rail transport
  • Parachuting, ULA